What Happens When A Canadian Radio Host gets together with a Nigerian Actress, a Bisexual Jew, a Bi-Polar Coach, an American Baby Boomer, An Indian Men’s Right Activist, A Religious Minister, An African American Attorney, A Former American Scientist Turned Stripper, A Single Mother of 21 Orphans… 

What happens when they team up with A Middle Aged World Traveler, A Divorced Digital Media Queen, A Religious Social Entrepreneur, A Prolific ‘Lesbian Fiction’ Novelist,  A Muslim Singer”…and a CANCER Ridden South African Political Activist??? and the list goes on‎… 

What do you think really happens when 21 Unstoppable Women get together?

They dig for their VOICES and show the world how BOLD, BRAVE & BALLSY they are.

That no matter where you grew up or what your life experiences have been thus far, you will find a  connection to someone or some experience in this book that will give you the FREEDOM to soar. 

This is not one of those depressive preachy anthologies. It is not another Chicken Soup for The Soul or a bunch of Women shouting, “Here Me Roar”
This is a deep personal conversation between each woman and YOU, as they get NAKEDstrip their masks and reveal some of their most intimate secrets on finding their journey to self. 
A baring of one’s chest –  A vulnerable, yet strong conversation of failure and wins, of family and career, of sexlove, prejudice and romance with money
It’s a provocative book that will remind you that no matter where you come from, or the hand the Universe has dealt you, you can always choose to be authentic and have an extraordinary life being UNSTOPPABLE.





TO RECEIVE A SPECIAL BONUS AUDIO OF CHAPTER 1 AND CHAPTER with Lead Authors – Frankie Picasso and Alex Okoroji

“When you prepare a meal with 21 raw ingredients, (Authors) you offer those who dine at your table, a different kind of taste experience. (Bare) They finish each course energized, their cells filled with rocket fuel (Unstoppable) that is rich in nutrients, ripe with flavor and bursting with juicy freshness.”

  •  FRANKIE PICASSOAuthor, Radio Host, & President of IBMC Global Foundation.


“I’ve had the sheer pleasure of getting to know each of these amazing women, both for their outstanding accomplishments, drive & heart. Getting them to STRIP NAKED in public is probably one of the hardest things, they’ve ever had to do, but I can tell you, from page to page, the results are mind blowing.”

  • ALEX OKOROJIActress, Writer & Talk Radio Host & Vice President of IBMC Global Foundation.