ibmc global foundation

Spear headed by President and Founder – Frankie Picasso, IBMC Global Foundation, is committed to creating a safe hub for individuals and groups to express themselves, experience FREEDOM and be unstoppable… The foundation will focus on Social Issues, promote Modern Education and create Collaborations and resources that will aid Entrepreneurial and Growth organisations that affect Women, Men and Children around the world.



Our Mission is to create a movement for FREEDOM. The freedom to be who you are and accept others the way they are. Our mission is to use the I BARED MY CHEST Book to IMPACT and inspire both Men and Women, Young and Old, Black, White, African or of any other race, religion or status to have a voice, embrace their Truths and use it as an inner source to keep succeeding at life . 

Our Vision is to create a legacy that will  grace the shelves of bookstores for years to come and leave Readers with renewed hope for a brighter future.




21 Women wrote this book together, yet there are sisters and brothers  around the world whose voices are cut off, literally for speaking their mind. They are shot at, or stoned for showing their hair, or voicing an opinion, choosing who to love or wanting education. 

We can not Bare our Chest and in good conscience, forget their fight, their plight, their need to have a Voice
So with that in mind, our Goal is to be able to donate 1 Million dollars from our book proceeds to 21 local charities and international organisations in Africa, USA, Iran, India, UK and there are more…



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